[YOUTUBE – (@Longzijun) Was Your YouTube Channel Suspended for No Reason? (A Guide to Community Guidelines-related Suspensions)

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There are a LOT of postings on the https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/youtube YouTube Help Forum Claiming that YouTube suspended user channels for “No Reason”  Longzijun has posted the following on his WordPress Blog explaining these terminations.  This is very helpful information.  Please have a look at it – If you have or are thinking of starting a youtube channel, you should be familiar with the information posted HERE – Channel Terminations  and Here – YouTube Monetization and the Issue of Duplication.

As stated. YouTube RARELY makes termination decisions for NO REASON – However, the User is only given the information in the RED BANNER of DOOM, and then an email that explains the termination, which can get lost in the shuffle.  If you are TERMINATED, you have to go through the appeal process  – NO ONE on the Help Forum can make a decision on your channel’s status, and we do not have access to the review team that (is in fact HUMAN) and does review suspensions manually – If they AGREE that a suspension is warranted, they will keep you suspended, and if they agree that a mistake was made, they will restore your channel.

Please read ALL information in this post –  Thank YOU! (Credited to Lonzijun, YouTube Top Contributor)

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