Buddy Hyphen Baker DOT US STATIC FRONT PAGE (3/18/16)




If you are seeing this then you have landed at the new home of Buddy Hyphen Baker DOT US!   Since February of 2012, we had been running BBUS on an old HP Pavilion Dual Core.  On April 12, 2019, BBUS (cardinal) lost her power supply, and in June of 2019, we replaced it with a DELL Optiplex 780 8GB Dual Core machine with 8GB Ram and a 1TB hard drive.  The New cardinal was originally a  Windows XP Professional Machine that was converted to Linux, and reinstalled with Debian 8.3 (Jessie) This machine has a 3.0GHTZ processor, and is faster – as a businesss class PC, it is capable of a lot more, and will be able to serve us for the forseeable future.  I have also invested in a 3 Year Extended warranty, which should take care of any problems ~brian (@7/6/19 – 15:58 EDT)  Welcome 🙂


UPDATE: December 23, 2017 (@19:00 EST): BBUS has now made the necessary changes to allow for everyone who visits the root (/) of the DOT us domain to automatically be forwarded to the main blog site at buddy hyphen baker DOT us/blog.  This will ELIMINATE a glaring problem for us, as anyone who would go there previously would have to manually enter the address and add “/blog” to the end of the domain.  I have wanted to do this for 3 years, but have not been able to do it without a lot of HASSLE – This redirect will forward you to the main blog site in about 5 to 15 seconds.



 BBUS Blog V1 and V2 originally were are in separate directories to make it easier to administer the website.  Originally, all we had on the root of the website was a debian webpage that said “It WORKS!” BBUS Has now succeeded in the integration of  WordPress into the mix, so the wordpress blogs become the “site” and this way, it is easier to administer.  in May of 2019, Buddy performed maintenance on the blogs, and REMOVED Version 1 of the Blog, as it has served its purpose, and was compromised so that the data and posts there were useless.  Version 2 is now the default blog for BBUS.