BBUS welcomes Website Links from the local community and from Internet sites that have the same or similar focus as ourselves.  The internet is a vast and changing environment, full of interesting and informative content.  BBUS’ mission is   “To try new things, to learn new skills, to better onself and have FUN while doing it, to carry on a plegde of service to those who may need it, or simply “Semper Paratus, Semper Fidelis” (Always Ready, Always Faithful)  BBUS takes this mission seriously, and as such feels that any link that BBUS adds to the site or the Blog be consistant with that mission.

BBUS is a  Family Friendly Site.  That being said, BBUS will accept links to sites that uphold that philosophy.  Like our Comment Policy ( BBUS will post on its links page content that is consistant with this policy.  Links will be accepted and considered for inclusion in the BBUS Blog or BBUS Links Page, or BOTH, depending on the content of the site, the relevance of the information on the site, and the decision(s) of the BBUS Admins as to the Value that the information has.

To be accepted for inclusion on BBUS Links Page or the BBUS Blog, the link(s) that are submitted must conform to the following guidelines:

1.   The Site that is being linked to  is NOT derogatory, disrepectful or hurtful to anyone – This does not mean that you cannot disagree, but it means that you should be respectful when doing so.  Links to sites  that contain excessive vulgarity, are in bad taste or are spammy in nature will be NOT be linked to BBUS by the Administrator.

2.  The Site that is being linked to does not contain links to illegal, immoral or pornographic material.

3.  The Site being linked to does not contain links to known spam operators, fake antivirus or malware removal sites, or sites that would damage those who may read and use BBUS systems or resources.  BBUS Admins reserve the right to remove sites  that contain links to these types of operations.  We also reserve the right to remove from the blog any sites that in any way describe how to perform illegal operations, such as P2P filesharing, illegal copying of CD’s DVD’s or videos.  Anyone posting these types of links will be WARNED the first time, then their access to the system will be suspended if the violations continue.  This will be enforced at the descretion of the Administrator(s).

4. The Site being linked to is  conducive to a “Family Friendly Atmosphere.”  This basically means that if you would not send the link of site to your mother, or family member, then it probably does not belong here.  Basically, keep it clean.  I want to be sure that my blog can be something that people of all ages can read and enjoy.  BBUS Admins will be the sole judge of what is considered “family friendly.”


As a general rule, Buddy adds links that he believes are interesting or informative, or sites that he frequents.  He also adds local businesses, schools in the local area, and local municipalities.  Finally, Buddy adds sites of his friends and family when requested.  Whether or not the link makes it to the Blog’s link list is at the discretion of Buddy or his admins.  To send me a link request, you can either send me an email with a subject of “WWW Link Request” to my BBUS address, or “Like” “Buddy Hyphen Baker Dot US on Facebook, then post your request on our Facebook Page.  Buddy will then investigate the link request and make a decision on inclusion.  Buddy will add new link requests during webpage edit cycles.  If you would like me to respond to a specific request, please feel free to ask, and I shall make an attempt to respond to you, provided that you have a valid email address.

REMOVAL OF LINKS (90-Day hold for dead links)

BBUS does from time to time check its link lists.  During this process, we check to see if the link is active or has errors, or has 404’d or other problems.  If a link has been found to consistantly show a 404 error or other errors that make the site inaccessible, we will remove the link from the BBUS site pending attempted contact with the site owner. (if prudent)  If a site is removed, we will keep a list of removed sites for 90 days, then the site will be removed from active service and the link will have to be resubmitted.  BBUS wants to be sure that we have active links that do not cause errors.  We do understand that sites can become outdated, have problems with Internet Providers, or change hosts from time to time.  If someone finds a “dead link” on BBUS, please let me know, so we can correct it.

Updates to this policy will be made as neccessary and prudent.

Thank You!

Brian S. “Buddy” Baker, System Administrator, BBUS