Cardinal System Update [Via motd as of 7/6/2019]
Cardinal System Update [Via motd as of 7/6/2019] avatar


Current status of Services (cardinal)

Please be advised that anyone who logs on
to cardinal will have thier IP addresses
tracked and logged. –bsb
BBWN: All websites responding as normal, updates in progress
Restoration progress: (07/05/2019 @15:53 EDT)
* Backed up and restored the /home, /home2 and /home3 directories
* Backed up and restored the /root directory taken from old machine
* Restored the /var/www/ directory and all associated websites
* Restored the /etc directory in its entirety
* Restored the /1TB, /3TB, /8TB, and /320 mountpoints
* Restored the /home2, /home3, and home4 mountpoints
* Mounted the /1TB, /3TB, /8TB, and /320 filesystems
* Restored ssh service
* Restored apache2 service
* Restored any missing mods for apache2 and deps
* Added any additional mods that we use for apache2
* Restored fail2ban services and associated deps
* Restored SSL/TLS service to all domains (testing in progress)
* Added all needed cpan modules
* Added all needed perl modules
* Added web based control panel