[YOUTUBE] Response to “‘Q: Why are Google Greedy, Capitalist Pigs'” [Rule Changes and YPP Comments]
[YOUTUBE] Response to “‘Q: Why are Google Greedy, Capitalist Pigs'” [Rule Changes and YPP Comments] avatar

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If I may comment on this:
I have seen a lot of blowback because of the changes that YouTube has made to the YPP – While I understand that they have to make changes to the program, they HAVE DAMAGED small youtubers:  They have also added that post about being “Tougher” – This has also resulted in the bot shutting down channels with NO HUMAN intervention, and I believe this system is faulty, and I believe that satscape is correct:  YouTube used to be a fun place – now, We have people posting stuff like this – They have NO RECOURSE, and in some cases the channel was TERMINATED/STRUCK or otherwise messed with. They have done this by:

1. Using a BOT that will scan channels for Inappropriate content, and if the BOT finds a problem, they could give a STRIKE, but it seems as if they are just TERMINATING Channels left and right, and while these people on the Help Forums are telling people to appeal, but you only get one, and 99.5 percent of the time, it seems as if you lose your channel, because youtube relies too much on automation, algorithims, web forms and other processes.  Some of the processes, which have been employed have damaged youtubers.  They feel like they are getting screwed, they feel like the way this has been handled is underhanded, sneaky and possibly illegal, and since there is NO HUMAN to write to when this damn BOT goes crazy, there is no REAL way to correct mistakes – This bot adds strikes, takes them away, terminates the channel, and all of this can happen IN SECONDS over words that are placed in the descriptions, meta tags, or the video itself – you can even lose your channel without ANY Strikes.  This thing even terminates for GOOD content – that is BAD for us. This Bot can terminate us for whatever reason it wants, and we do not know WHY it happens,[we get the red banner, and before we can correct the mistake, you lose for EVER – How is this helpful to the small youtuber, and I just get upset, because we have to GUESS and we do not always KNOW if something we do is wrong, while other times, it may be more obvious.

2.  Demonitization of ALL YouTube channels – They SUDDENLY and with NO WARNING turned it off all over the site, then they get MILLIONS of requests to turn ON monetization – They get told that advertisers do not want to be associated with inappropriate videos that the ad is attached to.  They are told it will take Days. Weeks, Then Months, and while this is going on, GOOD content creators are not able to monetize their appropriate channels.  They turn it on one at a time, and spend time looking at the content, make a decision, then OK it – and their back in business.  People think that their channels features are broken, or they think the system is broken because of the fact that requests are held for so long.

3.  They then post “Changes to the YPP Program” and make the rules say that you need 1,000 Subscribers AND 4,000 Hours of watch time in 12 months – They say that those that are IN the YPP will have till Feb 20th to make the new guidelines, HOWEVER, they fail to realize that some people who monetize and are in the program probably wont MAKE these targets – I have a friend who will probably lose the YPP because he has not posted many videos since his situation changed – He has good content, but I fear that he will not make these new requirements in TIME to save his monetization.  YouTube will then change the rules again, and say you need 4,000 subs and 8,0000 Hours of Watchtime, and that will keep happening,, and this is bad for the good people who are TRYING to follow the rules around here – We as users have NO OUTLET that we can use which will get to the legitimate admins of youtube, so they keep the people that are NOT in the YPP guessing as to what else they will do to us.  This is NOT fair!

4.  SUPPORT:  The only way to get good support around here and get questions answered is to BE a YPP, then your avenues open, and you can email or call partner support, so if your channel gets messed up, someone can go in and UNDO what the BOT does in ERROR, and in most cases, this is faster then the way normal youtubers have to get their concerns met – I have asked and asked to have a place where we can email someone so that if we have a question on the RULES, COPYRIGHTS, CLAIM ID’s, Guidelines, or if this damn thing keeps terminating channels because of FALSE strikes or claims, we can let them know – But they have a ONE DONE DEAD policy – You get ONE Shot, ONE Appeal, and then they send you a “we have decided to keep your channel suspended” if they find against you, and then you are DEAD – appeals are hard to do, because they are governed by a web form, so what do we do when we have a legitimate question??  We take a RISK that a few words or an opinion, or an IDIOT would take my channel down –  would claim music or content that I may make myself – why cant the Creator Academy have some people who can HELP us understand things that we may not be sure of – This bot is SO stupid that it could take my channel down on a sweep, and then I would not know WHY, and if the channel is GONE, I have NO recourse, no one to talk to, and I’m thrown away like trash if I lose!  How many people win an appeal, only to have it recinded in SECONDS after an appeal is granted.  We need a better system, and a support email for people who have questions on any of the stuff youtube tells us that we have to know and understand – These people should be knowlegable in legal stuff, so that they can give us GOOD advice – that way, we don’t have to guess, or deal with idiotic companies that file claims constantly and lose, then they keep doing it – a support email for this support would be nice.

5.  Telling us “No One from You Tube Reads, Posts or Responds Here”:  How can we voice our concerns regarding these stupid changes of all youtube does is have Community Managers post them, and our concerns are not met?  We are STILL at the mercy of youtube, because we have to GUESS what they want us to do to stay clean, and we have to worry that something that BOT does will kill our channels one day – The Members here, are polite and civil, but sometimes you want to clarify things, and the rules are written, but who’s interpreting what they MEAN – what is spam, etc.  I don’t want to lose my channel based on a program that is flawed, and a system that cant help us restore stuff, or help us when we are worrying about messing up  – YouTube has been heavy handed, and Community Manages seem to turn a blind eye to other problems here, and they NEED to fix this and make it fair, open, transparent and honest.

These 5 Things I have stated are based on what I have seen in the Forums, and what I have read based on others communications.  Based on what I have seen, and the way that youtube has responded, I think The Lady From Uncle has a good point on what she says, but I can understand WHY the OP (Satscape) feels let down, upset, etc, and why he would say that there is NO INCENTIVE to create new content – It is getting depressing and HARDER to create it, because of stuff like I responded to that youtube posted – (THIS) and (Response to the “Tougher” post)  He lost his channel – and since there is no support out here to help us KEEP our channels, and the BOTS are going wild deleting channels, WHY would creators want to put time in, only to have it zapped in seconds.

YouTube is a FUN place, but the rules are getting harder to interpret, and we cant ask for much human help – YouTube is TOO HARD on the WRONG people, and TOO LEIENT on the ones they should be deleting for violations, and the reasons for the terminations can also be misleading, so I say, THIS is why I feel that there needs to be MORE YouTube STAFF involvement, so we don’t lose channels

Why is that so hard to understand – Been saying this for a MONTH and no good responses, that say that they will evaluate our comments and requests.

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