CARDINAL Packages UPDATING (6/12/16 @10:57)
CARDINAL Packages UPDATING (6/12/16 @10:57) avatar

I noticed during a couple logins via the web-based system last week, that there were a lot of new packages that Debian wanted to update.  It looks like it’s going to be a full update, so I am requesting that be done now.  In lieu of these updates, and because these updates deal with the base files, I am forgoing all further backup maintenance activities until the packages are fully updated.  This will insure that we can get as many of the installed packages updated as possible.

To That end, I may schedule a FULL backup very soon – this will insure that we have the most current packages available.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we can have the base system as up to date as possible.


UPDATE: all 84 packages have been updated and the system seems to indicate we are Condition ‘GREEN’ (@11:09 AM)

More information to come shortly…..


System Admin


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