Honoring Bernier: Superhero Day (VIA Times Argus) (4/8/21016)
Honoring Bernier: Superhero Day  (VIA Times Argus) (4/8/21016) avatar

BARRE — In honor of 7-year-old Drew Bernier, community members will wear their best superhero costume today.

The day is being called Superhero Day, as Bernier was a big fan of superheroes.

He died last week after a battle with a leukemia. Donations are welcome, and Drewstrong T-shirts will be available for sale at Granite City Graphics, 279-2883. The community is also invited to join in the celebration of Bernier’s life on Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Barre Auditorium. People are encouraged to wear Drewstrong T-shirts.

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