BBUS and Barre is DREW STRONG: In Memorium: Drew I. Bernier: Barre’s “Superhero”
BBUS and Barre is DREW STRONG: In Memorium: Drew I. Bernier: Barre’s “Superhero” avatar


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I wanted to take a moment to comment on Drew Bernier, who was diagnosed with MDS, and recently passed away at Boston Children’s Hospital.  I have been following the posts on Facebook, and have been saddened by his death, but he IS the definition of a “Superhero”


Drew liked Superman and Batman:  He was followed all over the world, due to the impact of social media.  I went to the Batman V Superman movie Monday Night, and as I watched, I was taken over by what I consider an “aura:”  As the fight scenes progressed, I thought of how hard it must be to fight this rare blood disorder, and have to deal with the situation:  It reminds me that every day we sometimes take for granted what we have – we worry about our worldly problems and what we don’t have, or what we may need, or wish for:  With a serious health issue, you have to live life one day at a time, and each battle you win is something you can celebrate:  From what I have read, Drew had a heart of gold, and was more concerned about those around him then himself – Even when you are down, you try to find the good in a situation – I have leaned this, but only after many years of thinking that I can always do something “tomorrow – ” This is because when you are living, you sometimes take for granted that life is not infinite – It has a finite time, and we are not sure when it will happen, and when God calls us home,  that is all she wrote – EVERY DAY that I can live, move, breathe, think, or do whatever I do, I always remember that I have to take advantage of the time I have, and am THANKFUL for everyone that is close to me, friends, family, acquaintances, etc.

Even though Drew was young, and was dealt this “Challenge,” He took it on all the way, and through it all showed he was wise beyond his years:  He taught all of us to cherish what you have, and it is evident that, he gave it everything he had:  It is evident that he was a fighter, and evident that people can come together in support of each other.

Drew:  You will be missed:  When I think of Superman or Batman, I will remember YOU man:  I never met you, but your courage and strength are phenomenal:  You fought hard, and God knew how hard you were fighting:  He knows what is doable for you, and knows that you are INDEED: DREW STRONG!!

Rest In Peace Little Angel!!

Brian S. “Buddy” Baker, System Admin

Buddy Hyphen Baker DOT US



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