TIMEZONE CHANGE: WordPress was showing wrong time! (@11:42)
TIMEZONE CHANGE:  WordPress was showing wrong time! (@11:42) avatar

Today, I changed the WordPress Timezone to indicate New York US – It made every posting made indicate a wrong timestamp – apparently, I was set up for UTC4 instead of Selecting a city close to BBUS’ home base – This has been corrected and set properly.  This problem was wordpress specific and not a system-wide problem. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! Sincerely, Buddy System Admin BBUS  

BBUS Domain Renewal for 2017
BBUS Domain Renewal for 2017 avatar

Good Morning Everyone: It is my pleasure to announce that buddy HYPHEN baker DOT us has been renewed for 2017!  I have held the domain since 2008, and I wanted to keep BBUS’ domain and email service, since my account has a “free email account” with the domain – GoDaddy informs me that free email accounts with domains were discontinued in 2013. Therefore, I want to keep this domain and…

Partial Backup Scheduled: Monday October 17, 2016
Partial Backup Scheduled: Monday October 17, 2016 avatar

Good Morning:   A Partial Backup is scheduled for Monday October 17, 2016 beginning at 8:00AM:  The following directories will be taken:   /home and /home2   /var   /var/www (all)   /etc   Database Backups:  These will be taken for the Blogs.   These backups could take up to 1 HOUR to complete.   Thank You for your cooperation and support 🙂 Buddy System Admin: BBUS

Cardinal Packages Updates (9/29/16 @09:50)
Cardinal Packages Updates (9/29/16 @09:50) avatar

(UPDATE: PACKAGES APPLIED SUCCESSFULLY AT 09:53 – BSB)   Good Morning: Several Package Updates were applied this morning – Depending on the number and size of each Package Update, it could take several seconds to a few minutes to complete each operation.   This update should not take long. Buddy BBUS Admin  

Cardinal Restarted: Upgrades Applied (8/24/2016)
Cardinal Restarted: Upgrades Applied (8/24/2016) avatar

  BBUS SYSTEM UPDATES APPLIED AS REFERENCED BELOW   Good Afternoon All: WEBMIN: Apparently, there was some sort of snafu with the last set of updates that were applied to cardinal today.  It told me that the version of Webmin we use was updated from 1.811 to 1.810.  This being the case, there apparently is an error in the version numbers that caused me to believe that this was an…

Maintenance Window Rescheduled: July 22-August 15 (rolling updates)
Maintenance Window Rescheduled:  July 22-August 15 (rolling updates) avatar

UPDATE:  Buddy will be performing Maintenance on Cardinal to correct the things listed below.  The original scheduled Maintenance Window was not feasible, so he will be doing as much as he can between July 24 – August 15 Time Permitting.  ~Buddy Buddy will be doing maintenance on Cardinal to be sure we are all updated on July 22, 2016 and July 24, 2016.   Also, I plan on doing the following…