[YOUTUBE] An Update on our 2018 Priorities [Response in Writing]
[YOUTUBE] An Update on our 2018 Priorities [Response in Writing] avatar

My Response to:  https://youtube-creators.googleblog.com/2018/04/an-update-on-our-2018-priorities.html

YouTube continues to IGNORE everyone but the people that are in the YPP – They tell us that they want us to communicate with them, but we cannot – all we do is post FEEDBACK all over the place, and it goes NOWHERE – There are things I want them to do, and they have NOT even acknowledged this feedback – They NEED to take an active ROLE in the YouTube Help forum, which is FILLED with Sub4sub, channel deletions, monetization requests and feelings that YouTube does NOT care about anyone but those who are making them money.

YouTube says that are “protecting” us from the bad people.  NO – They are systematically ISOLATING the small youtubers because if we get into trouble, we cant get a HUMAN to even REPLY – Susan just sits at her desk writing posts like this, telling us that they want to do better, and I have RESISTED the temptation to post a video of my true feelings, for fear that the algorithims will hammer me, simply because I disagree with what this posting is saying.  YouTube simply shuts down channels and does not SAY why they do this:  They use “Vanilla reasoning”, which is so vague it does nothing to help someone when they want explanation – giving someone a link to the community guidelines does NOT answer a user’s question about a ban when it does NOT even SAY why they were banned

OK – Now the kicker:  How do you SUCESSFULLY ask for a channel termination appeal that will result in your channel getting restored?  I don’t think I have seen many of those, and most times, they are correct in the reasoning for the terminations, BUT for those of us like me, I would like to make SURE that I CANNOT be terminated because of a damn COMPUTER where a HUMAN just starts palling around with another reviewer, who, after giving an EXPLANATION of our actions, YouTube Reviewer #1 says “Ban his ass” and Reviewer #2 says “I agree”  which is a LIFETIME BAN:  We need a way to FORCE youtube to start disclosing what they are doing, how they do it, and STOP them DEAD from loading up the forums with Rule after Rule that is used AGAINST a CREATOR – The appeal system is NOT fair, NOT transparent, NOT easy to win, and is a FARCE, simply because the people who REVIEW your appeal NEVER EXPLAIN anything, and this makes me MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD – we have forums and all these nice volunteers for a REASON, but we cant explain anything – its all “shitforums” so you cant even mount a successful appeal, and even if we did, the RULES are so vague in some cases that you can be banned SIMPLY BECAUSE youtube does NOT like what you do, say, believe or think – The rules are NOT applied equally and enforced the same way, and I can tell you that people are getting sick of feeling like we CANNOT grow because youtube simply keeps everybody in the dark.

YouTube NEEDS to SCAP the system where I makes Videos, do it RIGHT, try to uphold the rules, and all, and I am treated like a simple USER:  I am a CHANNEL OWNER which means that I A M  A  C R E A T O R – I am NOT a bad actor, and I do not need to be constantly worried that I will lose my channel with no appeal rights, or ability to CHALLENGE the reviewers that are making decisions that hold my channel’s LIFE at their MERCY!

Ok Susan – Lets have YOU be a channel owner, and ME be the REVIEWER – The way this is set up, in MY OPINION is that someone looks at your channel, and finds something WRONG with it, and BANS ******YOU***** for the REST OF YOUR NATURAL LIFE – simply because they CAN – and the rules and regs here are SO VAGUE that even if you had NOTHING wrong with your channel, 2 Reviewers can AGREE, and make UP a rule to fit the stupid situation, and shoot YOU an email after an appeal which is DENIED and saying that they will “decide to keep your channel suspended”

OK:  So, How is this fair?  Who the hell do we CONTACT to contest it, and I don’t want to HEAR that I appeal, or that my channel is DEAD:  I have reviewed you in this example and lets say we talk about anchovies:  If I don’t like the content, I can suspend you, and you have to EAT the decision and leave:  Lots of us, me included, feel that the rules and regs are vague, or are designed to protect YOU/YOUTUBE/REVIEWERS and the Jackasses behind the scenes that WILL NOT EXPLAIN SHIT at all – You and your systems are broken – PURE and SIMPLE – Your explanations for channel termination say NOTHING, and leave people wondering:  YouTube “Help Forum” is a JOKE because There are NO INDIVIDUALS who can UNDO, CHANGE or EXPLAIN any decisions you make as a company.

In my Job: I AM the HEAD HONCHO of my department, and I have to make decisions that can be hard sometimes, but I am FAIR, and I DO give second chances, and I DO explain things:  I have to answer to people ABOVE ME – and I cant simply use benign, vanilla, one-line, vague, nonsensical explanations – YOU HAVE to EXPLAIN things – People are mad – they don’t want to see their hard work go down the drain.

Algorithims are PROGRAMS that are made by humans – YouTube has NO HEART or any quams about banning someone, or making changes that are a DETRIMENT to creators:  YouTube used to be a FUN place:  There are so many rules that are here, that are relied on, and NOT explained, that people are sick of it  – Phillip Defranco is mad, he wants to leave – does that mean that the ONLY reason you are concerned is because he is a BIG YouTube Channel?? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS MAAAAAAAAAA’M it is:  People here want to be able to express themselves within reason, they want to tell you how hard it is to deal with the rules around here, they don’t feel that youtube is being fair.

YouTube and Susan:  You have LOST credibility, believability, the sense of fair play and HONESTY – How can anyone believe you want to create a way to communicate with us when we CANT communicate BY EMAIL, or by PHONE – I could NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER get to be a member of YPP – I don’t have 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 WATCH HOURS, and I DONT sub4sub – YouTube has taken away a way to succeed, and they continue to treat anyone that is NOT a YPP Member as a fucking “USER”  STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY AND TREAT US LIKE CREATORS!!!!!!!!

If youtube wants to succeed they will open a channel for phone/email/web/and forum contact so we can INTERACT with the idiots that are making the rules ’round here.  I support youtube and will follow the rules, but I as a creator want the ability to challenge and change rules.

If you don’t start LISTENING and STOP LYING to the masses, which include me, you will lose MORE CREATORS.  Why, You ask?

This is because EVERYTHING YouTube Does, is aimed at the YPP Program, and we gwt NOTHING for support, encouragement, rewards for doing things right, etc – I hate that YouTube is more focused on protecting Itself only, and NOT the WHOLE population of Youtubers!  Maybe if I did to YOU what I feel YouTube has done to US, you would understand – WE CANT CHALLENGE anything because YOUTUBE will DENY IT using every underhanded, slippery, dirty trick in the book!

I ask again:  How are we going to level the Playing Field??

Disgusted 🙁