BBUS (Partial) BACKUP (04/01/16 @01:01 EDT)
BBUS (Partial) BACKUP (04/01/16 @01:01 EDT) avatar

Good Morning:
SYSTEM BACKUP: 4/1/2016 (@01:01): I have begun the partial System Backup. At this time, all I am trying to do is to backup the following Directories:


/ (Tar files ftom the blog backups that have resided there for a while)

/etc (Entire Directory Structure)
/home (Entire Directory Structure)
/home2 (Entire Directory Structure)
/var (The entire Directory Structure)


By the end of the Weekend (4/3/16,) I want to be able to do a FULL SYSTEM BACKUP. To do this, I mean that I would build a script that would basically name the file something lke bbus-full-system-backup-(Date-Time.tar) The command would be a Tar command that would allow me to start at root (/) and grab every file, then drop it to /3TB/backup. Every 2 weeks or so, I would do this again, and I would keep the files rotating, thus always having a couple backup cycles available for restoration in the event of a crash. Jon Liedy may be stopping in to check on some things, so I may have to do another backup of a couple directories to make sure I catch the permissions, if Jon has to change anything.

We will be updating the Backup Operations again when we are finished at the end of the weekend.

Thank You for your cooperation wink emoticon


System Admin

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