Current Status as of 3/31/16 @10:14
Current Status as of 3/31/16 @10:14 avatar

Good Evening:

I have edited  several menus to add features, categories, and moved some posts around.  In my last update regarding BBUS Blog V2.0, I said that I would be adding categories, and as necessary, moving postings from “Uncategorized” to more appropriate categories.


Tonight, we are about 75-80 percent of the way to where I want the Blog to be at this time. As a precaution, this weekend, I will be making a system-wide backup of the directories on Cardinal, so that all my hard work will not be for naught – I have asked Jon Leidy to check our SSH and SFTP settings, because I want to be able to stay connected to cardinal indefinitely, and I cannot do this, because I get a network connection abort – Jon should be able to assist me with the configs of the ssh service – As of 0500 hours (On 4/1/16) the SSH and SFTP services status will be Condition ORANGE The Services should be able to run without difficulties, but I am confident that Jon should be able to find and correct any issues that may arise.  He may or may not have to take the service down, or restart services, so we shall see what happens Condition ORANGE  (For SSH and SFTP SERVICES) will remain in effect until further notice.


That’s all from BBUS Headquarters


System Admin


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